The festival of unrestrained innovation, learning, coding, camaraderie, demos, awards, fun & food is back! After successful HackUs in 2012, it's time for all you coders to team up and emerge with cool, interesting hacks. So register now. Click here to register.


Have interesting add-ons or features to existing web products or apps? Or have a cool new product idea itself? Then this event is the perfect platform. Register your hack idea with a description and team name and get hacking.

Bounce off ideas, suggestions or just engage in plain chit-chat with Yahoo! web experts and participate in sessions full of learning, hacking and fun!

Interesting tech talks, hacking tips and lessons, and hands-on coding workshops await you. Make the best use of it while it lasts!


  1. You have 24 hours to build something. Wrack your brains and come up with that hack that will throw you in the limelight.
  2. You're not restricted to using Yahoo! APIs and services, although (hint) the judges would really, really love it. For inspiration, please visit the Apps Gallery, the Widget Gallery, and the Yahoo! Developer Network.
  3. There will be food, drink and lots of goodies for all of you.


Show the Hack first:

You have limited time to present your hack (180 secs). Here's what you need to show in that time:

  • The problem your hack solves,
  • That it actually does solve the problem, right then and there,
  • And if time permits, how your hack works

One of the most common Fatal Errors we see at Hack Day presentations is that our hackers, having spent the last 24 hours getting their hack to work, want to cover Item Three first. (They've suffered for their art ... don't let it be your turn.) Please, whatever you do, don't do this. Say the problem, show the solution, and then talk about how you solved it, if there's still time.

If you are showing a web app, widget or other installed software:

Please bring your own laptops or any other gadgets that you are using. Your presentation will be projected for all to see and praise. 1024x768 is normally the resolution you will want. The best demonstrations are the easiest to set up. If yours is on a public host somewhere and not on your university's private network, chances are better that you won't run into network trouble.

Be online, signed in and ready to go:

If you're demonstrating a hack that requires the user to be signed in to a particular network or service, be signed in before your turn begins. You'll have three-five minutes at a minimum to accomplish this before you get the microphone. (Bonus: you'll eliminate the chance of getting nervous and entering your password in the login box in front of a large audience, which has happened several times in our memory...)

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Actually do your demo for your team. If you're alone, pick some random people and do it for them. Answer their questions, think about what they mean, and then rewrite the demo if needed. It just might turn out that the hack you thought you made wasn't really the hack that the audience saw.

Have FUN!

Remember, you're not just showing a hack: you're showing yourself. Be offbeat. Show your style. Let your freak flag fly, if you've got one. Most of all, engage your audience with your sense of humor and the clear perception that you are thrilled to be up there showing your stuff. Enjoy yourself; it really makes a difference!

HackU Schedule

We're at: IIT Kanpur
When: Aug 22nd - 25th 2013
Where: L16-Lecture Hall Complex and CSE Dept

Click here for more details.